Obedience Classes

Main Street Vet has partnered with Ron Murray to give obedience classes evenings in our back parking lot and vacant lot next door.  We consider Ron one of the best if not the best dog trainer in the area.  Most canine behavioral problems can be corrected with correct obedience.  In our first class, 8 of the 12 dogs were on deaths door step because of behavioral problems.  By the end of the 6 week class, none of them were.  There are difficult children.  There are difficult dogs.  A well behaved, trained dog is a great problem free dog.  Socialization to other people, dogs, cats, children, and crate training are important parts of our training program.  Main Street Vet welcomes clients from other veterinary hospitals and/or clinics and all dog owners to participate in our obedience classes.  Up to date vaccinations are required.  Call our office to book your training class in Fredericton or Oromocto.

obedience class

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