Allergy Testing and Desensitization

We are the only clinic in the Maritimes using the NMT Allergy Testing and Desensitization protocol. This protocol is a lot better than conventional guessing, skin tests, and blood tests. We are having great results; not perfect; but great. Tell us about your pet's chronic skin, ear, digestive, and chronic problems. Pictures of Effi before and after.


CBD ( Cannabidiol ) and Cannabis for cancer especially inoperable cancer(s),  where metastasis is expected, and malignant tumours; stress and anxiety; chronic pain and arthritis; neurological ( Alzheimer's) and spinal degeneration; seizures; Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome - IBS; constipation; etc. Although we do not prescribe cannabis, cannabis is readily available to pet owners through Cannabis New Brunswick and other means. We do consultations with respect to use and dosage regimes.

Cancer Patient Protocol

Main Street Vet has a 14 point cancer protocol that needs to be discussed with every client.  Single tumours we remove surgically and we recommend histology. Multiple tumours and malignancies need to be treated differently, especially lymphosarcomas, bone cancers, inoperable tumours. etc. One has to ask the questions, "What were the contributing causes to this cancer?" "Why didn't the immune system knock out the cancerous cells?" "What can be done to turn things around?" The causes or predisposing factors need to be addressed, a treatment plan implemented, and outcomes discussed. The earlier we see these patients, the better. Multi modal treatment approaches work best. Every patient responds differently and we cannot guarantee success. We have seen some incredible successes. Pictures of Jayda before and after. Pics of the cat with multiple melanoma. Mrs Sturgeons cat

Arthritis and Chronic Pain Protocol

Prevention is better and cheaper than treatment.  We have conversations with clients about preventing hip dysplasia, arthritis, torn ACL's, slipped discs, and loose teeth starting with puppies and kittens and at every yearly examination and check up.Our arthritis treatment protocol is multi modal protocol that has been very successful in alleviating pain; getting patients moving again; slowing the onset of arthritis and chronic pain; and delaying the need for chronic pain medication. We custom design each patient's treatment protocol to the patient's needs to slow down arthritis and facilitate healing. Pain killers are often not the best approach. Pick success dogs or cats before and after

Blocked Male Cat Syndrome, FLUTD & FUS

Main Street Vet has been very successful managing these cases medically and very rarely has to use a surgical intervention.  Prevention and early detection are important. 


Our groomer is one of the best in Fredericton.  None of the dogs we start grooming as puppies end up as problem grooms.  That says it all. We do see a lot of grooms started by others who are very anxious, bite, and/or are problem grooms. If our groomer cannot groom you pet, and she is the best problem dog groomer in Fredericton, we offer sedation/anaesthesia services to calm pets to get the matts out, clip the nails, and the grooming done without bites and anxiety. We also groom cats without and with sedation.

Obedience Classes

Main Street Vet has partnered with Ron Murray to give obedience classes evenings in our back parking lot and vacant lot next door.  We consider Ron one of the best if not the best dog trainer in the area. Most canine behavioral problems can be corrected with correct obedience. In our first class, 8 of the 12 dogs were on deaths door step because of behavioral problems. By the end of the 6 week class, none of them were. There are difficult children. There are difficult dogs. A well behaved, trained dog is a great problem free dog. Socialization to other people, dogs, cats, children, and crate training are important parts of our training program. Main Street Vet welcomes clients from other veterinary hospitals and/or clinics and all dog owners to participate in our obedience classes. Up to date vaccinations are required. Call our office to book your training class in Fredericton or Oromocto.

Weight and Diet

Main Street Vet has the largest selection of therapeutic diets and best prices in Fredericton.  Half of our pet food clients are from other clinics. Increased weight is #1 health problem in pets causing earlier incidence of heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, early onset arthritis, and cuts approximately 1.8 years off the life span of your pet. Spaying and neutering slow metabolic weight predisposing pets to obesity. We recommend weight control and/or weight loss diets soon after your pet is spayed or neutered. Pennies a day are cheap prevention costs compared to treatment for the best diets available at the best prices.

Super Supplement

Super Supplement 1 & Super Supplement 2 are two of the best pet supplements available.  They make any pet food better and are important additions to raw food diets. With 29 minerals and micro nutrients, 7 vitamins, and all the amino acids, SUPER SUPPLEMENT; reduces shedding; reduces dental tartar and bad breathe; supports healthy muscles and joints; supports heart and brain/neural function; and supports a better functioning immune system. Better nutrients and feeding prevent problems. The between the lines translation is SUPER SUPPLEMENT reduces shedding and gives better coats; reduces dental tartar, bad breathe and dental problems; helps prevent arthritis, heart disease, brain and spinal deterioration; and supports a better functioning immune system to help prevent chronic inflammation, infection, and cancer. Prevention is less expensive than treatment

Stress & Anxienty

Stress & Anxiety including physical, mental, emotional, trauma, nutritional, viral &/or infection based, etc. are increasing recognized as underlying causes of multiple behavioral and disease conditions such as the following.

Slipped Discs, Intervertebral Disc Disease & IVDD

Acupuncture has been 91% effective in treatment of slipped discs compared to approximately 45% for surgical intervention; and less than 40% for NSAIDs, steroids and pain killers. Acupuncture is at the centre of our IVDD - slipped disc protocol with a 90% plus success rate. Along with acupuncture we recommend four other things to improve chances of success and reduce reoccurrence. Pics before and after or just pics of success cases.

Dental Disease and Bad Teeth

can be a continued source of pain , discomfort, and infection for heart valves, kidneys, liver, etc. We generally recommend a combination of products to reduce inflammation and infection; tooth root healing and preventing teeth from falling out of mouths; and reducing tartar build up. Super Supplement does a great job at reducing and slowing tartar along with an appropriate dental diet. Prevention is important. Pics before and after.